We have taken the time to sift through the noise of the paddleboard industry and offer only the boards that are worthy of your money.  We only sell brand name and reputable brands because at the end of the day, experience in manufacturing mixed with quality materials is what guarantees a product that will last you many many years. The brands we carry hold international reputations and are recognized as the leaders in manufacturing. 

Rest easy knowing that the board you purchase from us will leave you satisfied for years to come. 



Buyers Guide

Few things can be as daunting as entering a new sport and being confronted by the vast array of products and the names for each attribute.  Usually, the most defining attribute and the best indicator of quality is suggested by the price.  Stand Up Paddleboards are an exception.  Due to the relatively new introduction of the sport to Eastern Canada, there are outfits that take advantage of this lack of consumer knowledge and price their products out of balance with the quality.


We are not one of those outfits. 


Lots of advice can be given when it comes to purchasing paddleboards and surf equipment in general. Here, I will outline a few simple rules to follow.

1. Stay away from companies claiming to be Canadian made

High costs of production force manufacturers over seas. Many small companies brand themselves well, but merely rebrand cheap China made boards as high end Canadian made Boards.  There are exceptions and if you are unsure, the general rule is that a board made in Canada will be priced in the mid $2000's and up, and will be shaped by a human. These custom made boards are a great option for getting a high quality board best suited for your weight and the type of paddling you do most.

2. Ask as many questions as you can.

Many sales agents do not know how the dimensions of the boards translates into paddling, and how those attributes will play to the person paddling. You should be asking questions, and lots of them. 

Most notably; what materials is the board made from? What does the width of the board mean? Do I need a long board? Why does this board have three fins? Should I purchase a leash? What should I be looking for in a paddle? 

3. Only purchase an internationally reputable brand.

Sure you might pay a bit more at the start, but it will last years and years longer due to the higher quality materials used. Factors include what quality of foam core is used, what type of resin is used, what type of hardener is used, and what weight of fiberglass was used.  This is where an expert is going to shine.  Short of an expert, make sure the brand of board you purchase is from a company that has a solid reputation in the surfing world. Look for a company that has been making surfboards for decades, not years.

We recommend Surftech.  They have been making boards for over 25 years and have always been on the forefront of surfing technologies. Their line up consists of the worlds most reputable brands and most advanced technology. At the end of the day their quality means longevity and will go a long way to protecting your investment.

4. Light weight = quality.

The endeavour of the surfing industry is to create lighter weight yet stronger products. Heavy boards equals bad materials. Cheap resins are heavy. Lightweight resins allow a glasser to use heavier thickness fiberglass increasing strength while offsetting weight.

Make sure your board is between 19 and 24 lbs. Make it easier on yourself taking it off your roof! Taking it down to the lake! And paddling it in general. You wil grow tired of your equipment if it is heavy.

We offer unbiased advice when it comes to paddleboards and accessories. If you found a board you like from someone else and are not really sure if it is right for you, simply call us and we can help you make the right decision before you lay out the money and risk regret. An informed consumer is a dangerous consumer. We like dangerous consumers! 

5. Beware of heavy discounts.

If you come across a board that is heavily discounted at one point in the season, you should be asking yourself if the board was ever worth it's retail price point.  High quality boards do go on sale and a great discount can be had for last years stock as a pre-season sale, but beware of current model year boards being discounted heavily.  It is a sign that they were cheap to begin with.  A quality board is worth every penny when you consider the lifespan of the product, and how it performs in comparison.