Why buy a paddleboard from a professional?

Buying a paddleboard is truly an investment.  Spending over $1000 on any piece of outdoor equipment comes with certain expectations.  You should expect the person you are buying it from to have first hand knowledge with up to date and factual information about the benefits and drawbacks of the equipment.  You should expect the equipment to be high quality and not just look the part.  You should also expect it to be lightweight and durable. 

We are Haliburton's paddleboard experts.  With almost a decade of Stand Up Paddleboard experience and in depth knowledge of the industry and the benefits of each shape and detail of a board you can rest assured that we will have you paddling the best board for your situation and giving you the best value all around.  

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Ordering a board is easy.  Call or email us to discuss your needs and budget and we will find the perfect board to suit both.  There is no need to spend close to $2000 on a board that is made in China.  They will never be well made and will never be worth the money.  That is the sad state of our industry.  Buy quality, buy reputable, buy name brand, and always buy what suits your needs first, then your budget.  There is no sense buying a board that fits your budget but doesn't work for your body or paddling style.  

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