Are you new to Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Looking for a fun activity for the whole family?

Do you want to perfect your basic skills?


Our 2 hour Stand Up Paddleboard Basics course will take your through all the motions from how to set your board up, carry your board in all conditions, and how to launch in the water. We will guide you through the stand up procedure and the key elements to managing strokes in varying conditions. This course is roughly 30 minutes dry land training to help you get comfortable with the equipment before you enter the water to ensure a successful and fun launch for the 2nd half of a guided tour to help you get your sea legs. All our equipment and certified instructors will come to you, that way you can enjoy your selves and learn in a comfortable surrounding, and never have to leave the dock!

Participants of the course are also able to enjoy a rental for the rest of the day for just $20.

We are proud to say we are graduates of Paddle Surfit school in Kamloops, BC. Having Bodie Shandro as our teacher has many advantages. With this connection, you can be sure that what we teach you is the absolute best techniques and understanding of proper execution. 


The Stand Up Paddleboarding Basics course is $80 for a private 1-on-1 class or convince friends and family to join you for $60 /person up to a maximum of 6 people.


You are more than welcome to come to The Beech House on Beech Lake in Stanhope, or we will come to yours, what ever is more convenient.

Which ever you choose, this program will have you confident on your board and excited for new adventures.

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